Sunday, 5 September 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Thankyou, Kathy for nominating me for this award
To qualify for this award I need to nominate 7 more people to give it to and tell you 7 facts about me. So, here goes . . .

(i) I have been married to a wonderful man for 39 years.
(ii) I drive a 1.3 Suzuki Carry Van (as I am a courier).
(iii) I have partnered my Husband in a Glazing and window fitting company for the past 33 years.
(iv) I am family orientated.
(v) My favourite film has got to be Shawshank Redemption.
(vi) I love to visit London with my family to take in the sites and watch West End shows.
(vii) My favourite colour is red.
The seven people I would have nominated have already received this award from other crafters.

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